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Strech Marks Treatment

Smooth and flawless skin is everybody’s dream, isn’t it? But with those stretch marks around the stomach, legs, thighs, butts the dream of a flawless body cannot be achieved, which in turn can really lower your self-confidence.

Stretch marks are the irregular lines or streaks on the skin formed due to rapid stretching or distending of the dermis. The skin fades gets discolored and the appearance of scars becomes evident. Stretch marks are believed to reduce with a course of time but once they appear on the skin, getting rid of them naturally is impossible. You may try different creams and lotions, but these products will never make them vanish completely.

Stretch marks are not harmful to health, but they create embarrassment nuisance. Therefore consulting experienced dermatologists at Nirvana and getting rid of them completely is a good option to consider.

Laser stretch mark removal is an advanced medical technique which is a painless procedure. Fractional CO2 laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure which works at both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin which reduces pigmentation with time.

At Nirvana, it is done under the supervision of qualified doctors who have a good experience in the field. The entire process is simple which is followed by micro-needling sessions. It might give a slight tickling sensation but doesn’t hurt or cause scarring. Patients who took the treatment got positive results with reduced starch marks. The skin becomes smooth and flawless all over again.