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Nail Surgery

The nail is the important part of the fingers and toes that covers the digits. It is supported and adhered to the nail bed. Nail removal or avulsion is a surgery performed to eliminate the damaged nail by removing the hardest part of the nail unit called the nail plate. Avulsion may happen on the finger or toenail, and the common cause of avulsion is an ingrown nail, injury or infection.

The nail avulsion surgery takes place by numbing the patient’s affected digits with local anesthesia. The site of treatment is thoroughly cleaned with alcohol or surgical soap, and he nails are clipped short. There are two types of nail avulsion: Partial and Total. In Partial Nail Avulsion, only a strip of nail from the sides is clipped whereas in Total Nail Avulsion, entire nail plate is removed. Depending upon the severity of the nail damage, complete or partial nail removal may be suggested by dermatologist. After the treatment, the wound would heal within a few weeks.

Nirvana Skin Clinic provides the best nail avulsion treatment in Nepal and treats all types of ingrown nails and other nail problems. A dermatologist performs the surgery using the best technique to reduce patient discomfort and give optimum results.


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