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Dark Circles (Peri-orbital Hyperpigmentation)

Dark circles or Peri-orbital melanosis is a common cosmetic concern. It is characterized by darkness around your eyes. Additionally, there may be thinning skin, puffiness (eye bags) or hollowness below the eyes.

Getting rid of dark circles is of utmost importance as they can make you appear tired or fatigued all the time even if you are not. They also make you appear older than you actually are.
Such an appearance can hinder your professional and personal life and thus getting rid of dark circles is important.

The main reason for the formation of dark circles is due to the blood vessels under the eyelid losing stability and strength. The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive with very less underlying supporting subcutaneous fat. This leads to easy rupture of blood vessels and reduce blood circulation due to leaking blood in this area. The blood gradually degrades to dark colored pigments resulting in peri-orbital pigmentation and puffy eyes.

While aging is one of the primary reasons that lead to dark circles, there are many other factors as well. Some of them are:

  1. Tiredness
  2. Fatigue
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Deficiency of Vitamin
  5. Poor skin care
  6. Increase of under eye pigmentation
  7. Sluggish blood circulation

Heredity is also a reason for the occurrence of dark circles. Other than these, excessive smoking may also contribute to the problem. Therefore, exercising, taking proper sleep and gently massaging the under eyes area with vitamin-rich cream can curb the problem to a great extent.

A lifestyle modification is of utmost importance. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, timely rest and exercise can result in an improved physical and mental state. Thus, reducing the occurrence and appearance of dark circles.

The golden rule of “Early to bed and early to rise” works well to improve the dark circles. Adequate sleep of 6-8 hours per day. Do not forget your sunshades when going out in the sun as UV rays damage the deeper tissues of the skin (collagen and elastin) and also the blood vessels leading to increased pigment deposition.

The medical advice available to reduce dark circles are:

  1. Under Eye creams, regular moisturising and sun protecting agents with routine skin care.
  2. Chemical peels: The type of peel depends upon the factor leading to dark circles.
  3. Lasers: There have been few studies showing the efficacy of lasers which reduce dark circles. But it is not a very common and popular modality of management in brown skin.
  4. Dermal fillers: There is often a slight hollowness called the “tear trough” associated with these circles and under eye fillers can reduce the appearance of dark circle. Hyaluronic acid fillers give instant results which last for 12-18 months. It is an excellent treatment option as you can see your eyes brighten up immediately post treatment! Tear trough filler lighten dark circles as it fills the hollowness under the eyes leading to increased reflection of light.

    We have had excellent results treating dark circles under the eyes with a combination of topical ointments, peels and dermal fillers.