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Laser Hair Removal

Though not a problem, seldom one likes hair on body parts other than the head. Especially, women do not want to have hair on hands, legs or any other part of the body. To look good, to feel confident, to feel beautiful, women like to undergo hair removal treatment in Nepal. To their comfort, laser hair removal services are available at Nirvana Skin Clinic. Moreover, we use the most advanced in-house technology for hair removal purposes so that the procedure is painless, fast and produces the optimum result in affordable cost.

Laser hair reduction involves the reduction of facial or body hair with laser light which produce intense light that is absorbed by the pigment in hair (melanin). The melanin absorbs the light and heats up. This heat damages the hair follicle without hurting the surrounding tissue. The damaged hair follicle stops producing hair or replaces thick about hair with a fine, light-colored hair (Vellus Hair).

Traditional hair removal methods, such as waxing, shaving, and plucking, remove only the hair shaft. This leaves the hair follicle in place to grow new hair. Electrolysis delivers an electrical current to each follicle that can lead to permanent hair removal; however, it is painful and slow and usually requires multiple treatments over months or years

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective, and convenient alternative to other methods. Lasers can treat large areas quickly. Improvements may be seen after only one treatment, but repeat treatments are required to achieve desired results. Since not all hair is in the anagen phase at a particular period of time, so multiple sessions are required to produce a significant reduction of hair.

At Nirvana Skin Clinic, we use Milesman Compact blend (Four-Wavelength), USA FDA Approved World’s first Quadruple Laser. It is the most powerful device with a super cooling without any side effects. It is the only laser offering a single output which is a combination of four wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, 940nm and 1,064nm) simultaneously. This powerful combination achieves outstanding hair removal results.

As there are different hair types in different part of the body, one single wavelength is not enough to target all the different types of hair, this is where the 4 wavelength blend works. It targets all the different types of hair in each session. You don’t have to go for different lasers each time or switch to NdYAG LASER for deeper hair etc etc. Just this Blend is enough to give a Permanent LASER Hair Reduction in all types of hair, in all body parts in all skin types.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Nirvana Skin Clinic?

Laser is useful for removing unwanted body hair. The Benefits are:

  • Very Selective: Lasers only target the dark coarse hair without causing any harm to the normal surrounding skin.

  • Time Saving: Laser hair removal takes just a few minutes for small areas to a few hours for larger areas. It is very time-saving, and the full-body can be treated in just few hours.

  • Guaranteed Result: Most patients get permanent results in 6 – 8 sessions of treatment

  • Cost Saving: You will be surprised to know that the amount spent for complete hair removal sessions is less than the total amount spent on waxing which is required lifelong!

  • Smooth Skin: The final result is smooth, flawless skin which makes you confident from within.

Nirvana Skin Clinic has made a reputation for itself as one of the top-class clinics providing hair and skin solutions. We assure you to offer best permanent hair removal treatment in Nepal. We take every case as a unique and work to the best of our capabilities. Ensuring the satisfaction of our patients is our prime motive.

Laser Hair Removal