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Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Just like transplantation of hair is done for scalp, similarly, there are a few men who suffer from hair falling in beard and mustache area, and need similar kind of treatment to restore their facial hair. Beard is a sign of masculinity, implies maturity and exudes confidence in male. Each individual has his unique pattern of beard which is determined by his genetics. Some have thick and coarse beard hairs, while some have very fine brown hairs. Unfortunately, some individuals, despite reaching adulthood don’t seem to grow adequate hairs and in adequate density. Such individuals are good candidates for beard transplantation.

We, at Nirvana Skin Clinic, use the same FUE technique for beard and mustache transplant, which we use in hair transplantation over the scalp. The hair grafts are extracted from the donor region which is usually the back of the scalp, and are transplanted to the patchy bald portion of the mustache or beard. The transplanted hair grow naturally like other facial hair and can be trimmed or shaved.

For beard and/or mustache transplantation, hair are taken from the back of the head of the patient himself. The highly critical procedure must be performed by the experts only as no one would want to have a scarred face. After a successful transplantation, the transplanted hair might fall after 3 weeks, but this should not worry you as they grow back better than ever, after 4 to 6 months. It is advised not to shave for about 8 to 9 days of the treatment, but you may use scissors to shorten them.

Our experts at Nirvana Skin Clinic ensure that the hair are transplanted in a manner that their quality continues to improve for the next two years, and there are no scars in the areas from where the hair are taken. Usage of local anesthesia ensures that there is no swelling after the treatment is over. Our professionals would provide you expert advice after the surgery and prepared a proper diet plan for you for one to two weeks. It is advisable to take plenty of liquids, and not move your head much while eating for a few days. We take utmost care to provide the best results to our patients.

Beard and mustache