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Female Hair Transplantation

In these days and age, it’s difficult to find a woman who can deny hair loss at some point of time in their life. Apart from genetic changes, hair loss in female has been attributed to internal factors such as changes in metabolic status, hormonal imbalance, seborrheic scalp and most importantly nutritional deficiency.

What is interesting is that most women think that hair transplant is meant only for men, but the truth is that hair transplant is not a gender specific procedure and can be done for men as well as women. With the evolution of hair restoration techniques, it has allowed women to achieve benefits of hair transplant. As is the case with hair transplant in men, for women too, the process of a hair transplant is the same – follicular units or grafts are extracted from the donor area, and these grafts are carefully implanted into the area where there is thinning or balding. Whether you want to treat patterned baldness or want to lower a hairline that is high, you can rely on us. We will assist you in getting the best guidance and treatment for your hair loss.

No visible scarring, natural looking hair and permanence are the advantages of hair transplantation at Nirvana Skin Clinic. With the best team of doctors, Nirvana ensures achieving the best results. If you are thinking about the women hair transplantation cost in Nepal, then it is the most affordable at Nirvana Skin Clinic.

Female Hair Transplant